Image Processing Services

Image processing

KGiSL brings significant shift in the way digital images are sorted, edited, saved, searched and shared today. Structuring and categorically organizing large piles of images require dedicated time and attention. We offer professional and highly efficient image tagging, sorting, stitching and editing services to increase the value of your archives.

We put your needs first and our experts with the right skills and experience are at your service making your images more user-friendly. These services are designed as open-ended solutions to allow industry, geography and client specific incorporations to enhance performance and efficiency levels, while meeting all service and legal requirements.



Educational Libraries

Drone Inspection Images

Image Editing Works

  • Image stitching

  • Resolution conversion

  • Editing or removing image background color or photo

  • Removing product shadows

  • Electronic markings on image files

  • Correcting blurred / pixelated images

  • Setting dimensions and margins as specified

  • Removal or insertion of logo/URL/text over the images