On Demand AI Business Assistant at your Disposal

eda – ai bot service

EDA stands for Every-Day-Assistance. EDA is an on-demand assistant which helps you with everything that Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa and the like can’t. You can ask EDA to help you with any task that you would expect a remote personal assistant to do for you. You simply ask EDA to do things for you via voice or chat instruction. From booking appointments and proofreading to shopping insurance rates and securing medical second opinions, EDA does it all with as little further input from you as possible.

Key Features

  • EDA is a voice interactive, artificial intelligence (AI) assisted messaging platform that connects you with enterprises, chatbots, customers or expert groups to get your task accomplished
  • AI helps reduce human intervention time. AI can be trained to handle repetitive processes. Comes in handy for use cases like password resets, change of address requests, enquiry on new services and many more
  • The app can be replaced with a web chat interface to connect with the EDA contact center tool. This will make it a complete chat solution that can be tailored for many use cases
  • Both web and app based chat support with trained resources
  • Intelligent routing of requests to the correct department by filtering the customer queries
  • 15% to 27% reduction in phone time and 50% reduction in cost per call is achieved across several use cases
  • AI + human combination saves time and cost


  • Convert waiting time to productive time
  • Ticketing + Calls Reduce AHT of calls
  • Improve accuracy of data collection
  • Convenience [ Mobile / Voice / Chat ]
  • Faster information exchange
  • Avoid collection of sensitive PIN
  • Visual dashboards & metrics