A Proven leader in multichannel contact center services

Contact Center Services

Our contact center is an end to end multi-channel integrated business service covering the entire customer life cycle management including market research, support for all call-related functions (sales, collections etc.) & data management that optimizes profitability, revenue, cost to serve and customer satisfaction through standardized processes and transformation enabled solution framework.

We leverage our feature-rich customized solutions, state-of-the-art technology, unified desktops, innovative tools and highly trained customer service representatives to produce high-quality customer experience while also lowering overall cost of operations. Services are rendered to the clients from nearshore and offshore delivery centers.

Currently Responding to ~500,000 inbound and Outbound calls a month

Sign Up ~150k+ Customers per Month

International – English and Spanish.  Domastic -Regional Languages

Over 18 years of Client Service

Resolved more than 1 million chats with ~250,000 satisfied Customers

Our customer care service is designed to maximize the value of every customer interaction. We work as an extended wing of your company by incorporating your organizational culture, your brand values, training, quality standards and technical skills which you would demand of your own employees. The calls and the feedback are regularly monitored to drive continuous improvement of services rendered thus allowing our client companies save time, material and effort to focus on core business competencies and operations.

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