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Rawhide Intelligence Services is committed to working with individual drone businesses in order to improve their current service offerings for their clients. While we currently can service all of North America, we are always interested in partnering with local drone businesses to further accommodate our clients.

This can be accomplished with RIS operating either as a visible partner with the drone operator company or as a behind the scenes resource. Our ability to quickly and accurately provide image stitching with human and AI analysis allows drone operators to focus on their client relationships and capturing the digital imagery required with the analysis. Our team of engineers will provide significant value to your client, which will improve the likelihood that the client keeps working with you, while also providing a new revenue stream.

    Reasons to Join RIS

    Data Stitching

    You can provide your current clients with extensive data analysis to enhance your image capture services.

    Image Analysis

    Combining our proprietary machine learning algorithms, alongside over 100 human engineers, you can provide timely and accurate image analysis for your clients.

    Professional Reports

    Say goodbye to formulating reports for your clients.  With our white label service, they will appear as your own.  Our engineers and project managers work 24/7.

    New Business

    New business opportunities will become available to you through the RIS Network of North American clients.

    Increase Revenue

    By partnering with RIS, you will increase your revenue potential from each client with add-on analysis services and build your client base.


    What is the RIS Drone Network?

    Qualified drone operators work with Rawhide Intelligence Services to provide support for clients and become members that are recognized as part of our drone partner team.

    What are the benefits to joining the RIS Drone Network?

    You will have the ability to associate with Rawhide Intelligence Services, which allows you to provide image analysis and human engineering protocols to clients on either a white-label basis, marketing association, or as a sub-contractor.  In some cases, you will even receive a referral fee for providing client leads!

    What are my responsibilities as a drone operator?

    As an RIS Drone partner, you will need to provide professional services in accordance with the technical requirements Rawhide Intelligence Services and the client demand while operating as an INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR at all times whether contracting directly with RIS or the client.

    What are the requirements to join?

    You must be a fully licensed drone operator and act in accordance with all applicable rules and regulations promulgated by relevant government entities.

    Also, you must have the minimum insurance required by both the client and government agencies and indemnify Rawhide Intelligence Services for any and all actions related to the services you provide.

    For more information, please see our Drone Partnership agreement.

    What does it cost to join the RIS Drone Network?


    Please review the partnership agreement to become a member.

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