Ohio Drone is dedicated to serving the community through this COVID-19 health crises.

Emergency Response Support

Our trained response team supplements emergency response teams by providing FAA licensed pilots and technology to support response activities.

Asset Security

Let us alleviate your manpower capacity issue and reduce your personnel exposure risk.

Emergency Infrastructure Support

A global health crises is no time to fall behind on critical infrastructure support. Our specialist drone pilots perform critical infrastructure inspections using less manpower and fewer resources in less time than traditional inspections virtually eliminating personnel exposure risk.

Custom Drone Design

COVID-19 has changed the way we work but our needs still remain. We use drones to innovate new methods of working, let us customize a drone and flight training for your needs.

Communications Network Support

During these early days of crises management and shelter-in-place social distancing we have seen that communications networks have taken on increased traffic causing significant distruptions in service. Our Improved Emergency Management Drone project is working on providing increased capacity for areas experiencing disruptions or network failures. Contact us to learn how you can participate in the project development, testing, and launch.

intelligent image analysis

Operational Asset Management

Using artificial intelligence and human engineering protocols to deliver management, operational, maintenance, and risk information through proprietary software that includes image analysis and analytics of your assets utilizing traditional intelligence techniques including GEOINT, IMINT, MASINT, and TECHINT combined with machine learning and analytics.


Data Collection Via Advanced Sensor Technology

Our drone technology is capable of deploying multiple sensor technologies at once to track field teams, assets, locations, safety conditions, and so much more…

Cloud data dashboards

Data Highlights Via Advanced Deep Dive Tools

Your data is only as useful as the analysis tools available to you. Our asset management partners enable you to view your data in impactful ways enabling you to rapidly deploy response teams.

Device Dashboard

Live Sensor Dashboard

Location Dashboard

iOS App

Android App

Contact Us

If you have questions regarding any of our Pandemic Response Services you can send an email (including your name, phone number, and email) to or call Rob directly at 1-440-915-5269.