The Rawhide Solution

Rawhide Intelligence Services provides image analysis of your assets using artificial intelligence and human engineering protocols to provide management and operational information.

We do NOT fly the drones but take the images and sensor readings to evaluate the asset utilizing traditional intelligence techniques including GEOINT, IMINT, MASINT, and TECHINT combined with machine learning and analytics.

However, Rawhide can help manage the entire solution for you (contracting with our licensed partner drone operators) if required. We will work with you to come up with a cost effective and accurate solution.

It’s All in the numbers

Human Engineers Analyzing Images Alongside Artificial Intelligence


Guaranteed Savings Compared to Competition


Coverage of North America

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The 25% guarantee is based upon a good faith quoted proposal from our competitors.

The Rawhide Advantage

With a U.S. based Management & Operations Center, we are able to put boots on the ground for your North American assets, making sure the projects are flowing smoothly and without delay.

Our Image Analysis & Analytics Center is located in Coimbatore, India, where over 100 engineers are working 24/7 with proprietary artificial intelligence software to analyze the digital images. We take pride in our engineers keeping an experienced human eye on the analysis process, which allows for more accurate readings and data interpretation than our competitors who only use algorithms.

This combination of machine learning and human interpretation allows us to provide a timely, accurate, and cost-effective solution for your asset management needs.

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